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Quyon Tractor & Truck Pull

24 Ferry Road Quyon, Quebec (Former Fairgrounds)

Whitewater Tractor Pullers Inc.

General Club Rules

1. NO ALCOHOL consumption in pit, staging or track area before competition by any

competitor, pit crew member or track official. NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT

or FIGHTING. ANY violation of above rules will result in DISQUALIFICATION.

2. Track Official’s decisions are final in any dispute. However, with a showing of

reasonable good cause the track official may revise or reverse his decision.

3. A) MANDATORY Operator ON sled with working brakes and kill switch system. Brakes

and kill switch controlled from operator’s platform, with visible indicators of activation.

B) It is at the sleds operator’s discretion to apply sled brakes and/or kill switch at any

time he considers the situation to be unsafe. He must immediately notify the club officials

of his decision and why. See Rule #2 above.

C) Sled operator maintains the right to REFUSE to hitch any vehicle.

4. Fire equipment and Fire Department REQUIRED onsite.

5. Ambulance REQUIRED onsite.

6. MAXIMUM 300 foot track

7. During competition 35 ft clear area on both sides of track including shutdown area.

LIMITED ACCESS. If less then 35 ft, subject to approved barrier.

8. NO ONE on the track other than Flag person, Competitor and Sled operator during


9. All vehicles must operate in a safe manner within the confines of the pit, track, staging

areas and event grounds. MAX 10 km.

10. All vehicles required to have a qualified operator in seat while being started and when


11. Competitor must have both hands in full view of flag person and hitch person and have

vehicle in PARK or NEUTRAL while hooking and unhooking from sled.

12. Driver to remain seated during pull.

13. Driver only in/on vehicle while being driven or towed. Driver only on tow vehicle (if

used) NO RIDERS.

14. No competitors under 16 years of age. Ages 16-18 with parent/guardians written consent


15. NO mixing of classes. No open class. No outlaw class.

16. Vehicle may compete only once in each class.

17. Non-member vehicles subject to Tech. Inspection, and MUST meet all safety and vehicle


18. Non-compliance of rules and/or procedures by driver, pit crew or vehicle is cause for


19. Whitewater Tractor Pullers Inc. reserves the right to refuse any competitor or vehicle to

participate in any event under their direction.


1. All pulls must start with a tight chain. Vehicle to be CENTERED on hitch point of sled.

2. Each competitor will be allowed 2 attempts to make a measurable pull if first attempt is

less than 75 feet.

3. On his/her attempt, if competitor lets off throttle before 75 ft. Competitor will get 2nd

attempt even if beyond 75 ft. mark. (Intent is for driver NOT to slam on brakes to stop

before 75 ft. mark or at any time, but come to a smooth safe stop).

4. Second attempt may be taken immediately or competitor may drop to later position.

5. Pulling order to be determined by drawing numbers, names or in order of numbers

issued at registration if all competitors agree.

6. In a pull-off, competitor is allowed 2 attempts to make a measurable pull. No test puller

in pull-off.

7. Vehicle to remain within boundaries of contest course during pull.

8. Mandatory attendance at DRIVER MEETING, if held.